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January 2015 Sketch Dump by Kittycara
January 2015 Sketch Dump
I didn't do a lot of sketching this month, since I've been traveling and couldn't take my supplies with me all the time.  I did work on scripts, outlines and thumbnails.

Gijinkas for a Nuzlocke.  Add more later.

Edit: Ok, here's some stuff.

Jade-A Roggenrola I met in a cave (duh).  I thought I'd switch her out quickly, but she became a powerhouse.  As a character she's quiet, but follows the people she admires like a duckling.

Lupe and Carlos- Sibling Lillipups, on my and Cheren's team.  I haven't quite figured out their personalities yet.

Yukari- Ninja bitchy Purrloin cat thief whut.

Charlotte- A paraplegic Munna.  (Kind of common, but whatever.)  Very kind and surprisingly buff up top.

Briar- Pansage, really annoying, connected to the first gym/cafe.  I can't figure out how I want to draw him, but I know he should be in his mid- to late teens.

"Mixmaster"- Tympole.  IDK, but he gets along well with Jade.

Dusty- Krokorock that powers through the electric gym, but I boxed her after that.  Not much to say except that I think I did well with the hat.

Herdier and Wotchog- gym pokemon.  I'll change their clothes, but keep their hair.

Monkeys- Crossdressing cafe thing???  The Panpour's design is inspired by Nagase Kaede from Negima.
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Ahahaha, sorry for the sudden hiatus, but real life (mostly school) decided to hit hard and things needed my attention.  I'm mostly back, but this is going to be a long post, so skip to the bottom if you wish.

Long story short, I was supposed to finish school this summer, but the teacher of one of the classes decided to move his class farther up the schedule, and both classes in an 8-week period was too much, so I had to put off my last class until this semester, and it had to happen on campus which sucked since I can't get to school by car and it's a two-hour PT trip from where I live.  But I managed to survive, and I am officially done with school! (At least for now, since there's talk of expanding the culinary program.) 

I have both my AA and certificate, so I've started looking for a job.  Some writing things still need to be done, but the relatively consistent stuff (i.e. the resume) are finished, and I've taken a career workshop to practice things like interview.  Also, I found out I look a lot like my mom when I'm dressed up.  o.O

As far as art goes, I haven't had a lot of time to draw but I have some sketches.  I'm taking my comics and nuzlocke things more seriously, so I've created things like outline, scripts and thumbnails, so I'm hoping the quality goes up.

I fully intended to get right back into things as soon as school was done, but a couple of things happened.

First, my dad wanted me to set up a Quickbooks file for his business (one of my school classes) but he had no idea what he wanted and I've literally spent days working out what he wanted.  Then he thought maybe he didn't want to switch and I nearly kicked him HARD, but I convinced him not to let my hard work go to waste.

Second, almost as soon I was done with that, I discovered my laptop probably has a virus.  A little weird, since I'm careful and almost don't download anything, but I don't password protect my laptop and I had cousins over for all the holidays, so maybe something happened then.  I've decided to stay off my laptop as much as possible until someone looks at it, and truthfully it will probably need to be wiped.  Luckily I backed up and transferred a bunch of my work before everything happened, so no lost work this time, but I can't use any art programs or scan anything in until later.

EDIT: Oh, I'm borrowing my mom's laptop for this, by the way.

Also kind of a side note, I've created some Tumblr blogs and may be creating a LinkedIn and professional-type Facebook account sometime soon. (I know, most of you know my views on WastebookFacebook, but social media is the new business tool and I need practice/a way of getting my goods out there.)  Here's some like for those who want:

Kittycara's Sketches 'n' Shit (Main Blog, updates most often; contains sketches, reblogs and random stuff) 
Kittycara's Art and Stories (Currently nothing, will fix later,;will have profiles, full art pieces and page and chapter updates)
Kittycara's Baking and Recipe Blog (Nearly all recipes, pictures of step by step instructions [hopefully] and tags to help sort everything)
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1) Post sketches (even if they suck [which most will] they are still my hard word).

2) Post at least one nuzlocke page every two months (get myself into the habit for a more consistent schedule).

3) Post at least one recipe to the recipe blog every month.

4) Draw a little bit every day.

5) Only one regular soda and/or alcoholic drink per week (exception for parties).

6) Set up a relatively consistent exercise schedule.

7) Write up a budgeting plan and save all documents. 

8) Complete three video games and I always keep around but have never actually finished.

I'm not dead yet!  Update after the holidays!
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